Hope&Her Vaginal Dilator set


Product code: T8077
Hope&Her Vaginal Dilator set, Medical grade Plastic
* Consists of 6 graduated dilators with handle and comes in a cloth pouch

* Medical uses of dilators include for vaginismus, for un-
consummated couples, vaginal tightness / burning,
Age-related sexual pain, pain after child-birth.
* With universal handle fits all dilators
A – 15mm (D) x 88mm (length)
B – 22mm (D) x 101mm
C – 26mm (D) x 113mm
D – 30mm (D) x 126mm
E – 34mm (D) x 138mm
F – 38mm (D) x 151mm

Make: Women’s Health Rehab & Supply, USA

Device Description:

  • Dilators can help overcome the pain of intercourse by teaching patients how to relax the vaginal muscles.
  • Dilators are recommended following radiation therapy and reconstructive vaginal surgery to help restore elasticity of vaginal tissues.

Packing: Pouch of 6 dilators with a handle.