• Excellent range of T/C coated or titanium range Punch Biopsy forceps for performing cervical biopsies.
  • Can be used to remove tissue that may be abnormal or precancerous or even polyps and genital warts
  • Various bite sizes and shapes available to suit doctors’ preferences.


Code: 310-731-250
Tischler-Kevorkian Biopsy Forceps,
# 9 x 3 mm jaw,
Make: RZ Medizintechnik, Germany

Code: 310-735-001

Tischler-Morgan Biopsy Punch Forceps, 7x3mm

jaws, shaft length : 250mm (10″)

Code: 310-735-003
Baby Tischler Punch Forceps, 4.2×2.3mm

Code: 310-735-004
Burke Biopsy Punch, 5x3mm – length: 250mm

Code: 310-732-200
Kevorkian-Pacific Biopsy Forceps, 9x3mm

Code: 030120
Cervical Biopsy Punch, Tischler bite, with
light-weight titanium coating. Length: 10
Make: MedGyn Medical, USA

Code: 030120
Tischler Biopsy Punch Forceps
* Titanium coated for more sharper precise cutting bite and
* Classic Tischler bite
Bite: 7mm x 3mm
* Length : 10″
* MAKE : MedGyn, USA

Code: 030109

MedGyn Burke Cervical Biopsy Punch
Model: Burke (oval shaped)
Make: MedGyn, USA

Code: 64-677

Classic Series Burke Cervical Biopsy Punch
* Oval-shape with bite of 5.5mm x 3.25mm
* Length: 20cm
Make: Euro-Med, A Cooper Surgical Co. , USA


Eppendorfer Biopsy Punch Forceps, 4x8mm, length : 8